Tooth loss is an unfortunate reality for many people. Whether the missing tooth is the result of a dental disease like a cavity or gum disease, an accidental injury to the face, or a birth condition, Dr. Adam Goldberg has the expertise to make your smile whole again.

Dental implants, thanks to tremendous advances in technology, are providing millions of adults with permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth, and the procedure can typically be completed—from start to finish—in the comfort of our dental office.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is a complete, artificial tooth, which is permanently anchored by the jawbone and gum tissue for maximum stability. Implants are not designed to be removable.

Just as a natural tooth has a root and a crown—so does a dental implant! It’s “root structure” replaces the root of the natural tooth. The top portion of the implant—the part that helps you to chew or shows when you smile—is a beautiful, custom dental crown.

The final product is a work of art—a durable, lifelike tooth to provide you with confidence, comfort, and stability.

Dental Implant

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Selecting the best candidate for dental implants requires a high-level of expertise and experience on behalf of the dentist. It is important to ensure that you are healthy enough for the oral surgery portion of the procedure and the gum tissue and bone structure must be healthy as well.

Dr. Goldberg will advise and strategize with you throughout the treatment process to achieve the best outcome.

Interested in Learning More about Dental Implants?

In addition to a rigorous dental education at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Dr. Goldberg also successfully completed a voluntary, hands-on, one-year dental implant program with the prestigious Augusta University AAID Maxi Course.

Why not schedule an appointment with him to discuss your options and find out more about what makes dental implants the Gold Standard for tooth replacement? Contact us today to speak with Dr. Goldberg about dental implants today.