White Fillings Erase Evidence of Decay

Woman with White FillingsIt’s important to promptly address dental decay to prevent further damage. A filling is a great way to preserve a compromised tooth. In the past, fillings were always dark metal restorations that, while repairing a tooth, also left visible evidence that dental work had been performed. Now, Augusta GA dental patients have an attractive and durable option: tooth-colored fillings. Dr. Steven Goldberg and Dr. Adam Goldberg use this proven method to repair teeth and erase dental damage.

The Need for Fillings

Oral bacteria and plaque acids can attack teeth and wear away the hard outer layer of enamel. The hole that’s formed is called a cavity. If not repaired, the damage can worsen and may compromise the entire tooth structure. Cavities can also cause sensitivity and discomfort. Dental decay is a leading cause of tooth loss in children and adults.

The Problem with Metal Fillings

Aside from the much-documented debate about the safety of mercury-containing metal fillings, these old-fashioned restorations just don’t hold up as well as tooth-colored ones. That’s because the metal expands and contracts in response to the hot and cold foods and beverages you consume. Over time, tiny cracks can form in the fillings, creating space for bacteria to invade the inner structures of a tooth and cause more damage.

Brawn and Beauty

Tooth-colored fillings deliver on every level. They’re made from composite resin, which is an extremely durable and long-lasting material. Once the resins hardens, the bond it forms with natural tooth structure stays strong for the long term, with no cracking or shifting. Because the doctor custom tints the resin before applying it, your tooth-colored filling will blend seamlessly with your natural smile, leaving behind no evidence that you ever had a cavity!

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