We Take the Worry out of Root Canals

Worry Free Root CanalYou’ve been told that you need a root canal. Now what? Some folks might stress and start to worry about potential discomfort, remembering all of the negative stories they’ve heard about root canals. But if you’re a patient at Goldberg Dental Group in Augusta, you don’t need to fret. That’s because Dr. Steven Goldberg and Dr. Adam Goldberg provide safe, effective, and comfortable root canal therapy.

A root canal is really a conservative dental treatment — and one that can save your tooth. Without a root canal, an internally damaged tooth could die and require extraction and replacement with a man-made tooth. A root canal can preserve a damaged tooth and let you keep it.

Reasons for a Root Canal
A root canal may be needed to repair a tooth that has sustained damage to its internal structure. Every tooth contains a chamber that contains the tooth pulp, or nerve. The pulp has canals that lead to the tooth root. These canals help to provide nourishment for the tooth and carry away toxins. A deep cavity, tooth fracture, or other event that breaches the inner part of a tooth can cause bacteria to invade this inner sanctum. When this occurs, infection can set in. If not treated prompted, the infection can worsen and cause the tooth to die.

Root Canal Basics
During a root canal, the doctor removes the infected tissue and cleans out the tooth canals. A filler is inserted in the canals to seal them. Then, a custom crown is placed atop the tooth to renew form and function. Our team uses proven methods and top-line technology to perform efficient, effective root canals. Your comfort is our top priority, and we’ll provide the care you need for a safe, successful experience.

Don’t Stress
Stress-free dentistry is what we’re all about! Call Goldberg Dental Group today to schedule an appointment.