Temporary Dental Crowns Need Special Care

A dental crown is a permanent restoration that fully covers a tooth—essentially capping it, to provide more strength and integrity. For example, a tooth that is weak due to fracture lines or large fillings can be crowned to restore its shape and even its appearance. In fact, crowns are sometimes used strictly for cosmetic reasons when the goal is to make a damaged or poorly shaped tooth look more ideal. The crown-making process can be a multi-phase procedure, and Augusta dentists will often place a temporary crown over your tooth for a few days or weeks as your permanent crown is fabricated.

Temporary crowns are typically designed and fitted in the dental office while you wait, and there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to properly care for them:

  1. They can come off. Temporary dental crowns are bonded to your tooth with temporary dental cement because the dentist will need to remove the crown easily once your new crown is ready. To prevent your temporary crown from coming off before your dentist is ready, you should avoid chewing foods that are too firm, sticky, chewy, or tacky. Gums, caramels, and even bread can pull your temporary crown off prematurely—prompting an extra visit to the dental office.
  2. Keep them clean. Brush thoroughly around the margins of your temporary crown and floss according to your dentist’s instructions to minimize tenderness and inflammation. Failing to keep the area clean and healthy can lead to gingivitis, a problem that could interfere with the placement of your permanent crown.
  3. They are only meant to be temporary. A well-made temporary crown can look and feel quite comfortable, but don’t postpone the appointment to have the permanent crown placed. The temporary crown isn’t as strong as the permanent one, and is subject to breaking or leaking.

For more advice on caring for your temporary dental crown, contact an Augusta dentist today.