Prepping Tips for Teeth Whitening

Prepping Tips for Teeth WhiteningAround the Augusta GA area, professional teeth whitening is a wildly popular practice in many dental offices.  Still, there’s more to it than just walking in and getting an instantly sparkling smile. Like any other dental procedure, teeth whitening is most successful with a little advanced preparation.

For the most successful teeth whitening experience, start with a professional dental evaluation. Those who are in good dental health are typically the best candidates for teeth whitening. The whitening chemicals can aggravate existing cavities and irritate the gums if there is gum disease. Your existing dental problems should be treated prior to the whitening treatment to avoid complications.

Start with realistic expectations by understanding the type of tooth discoloration that you have. Stain that has developed beneath the tooth enamel may not respond to certain treatments, and teeth whitening may not be successful. Whitening is most effective on external stains (discoloration that has formed on the outer surface of the tooth).

Schedule a dental cleaning prior to whitening to remove tartar and other buildup that can’t be removed at home.

To prevent or reduce sensitivity, begin brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste a few weeks before you begin whitening. These toothpastes can effectively block the pores that transmit heat and chemicals to the dental nerve. With regular use, desensitizing toothpastes can keep you more comfortable both during and after your treatment.

Allow for some extra time, even if the procedure is touted as ‘one hour’. One-hour whitening claims don’t include check-in, prep and recovery time. Give the dental team about 30 extra minutes for preparation, during which time a protective barrier is placed on your gums before the whitening gel is applied to your teeth.

A little prep work positions you for a successful teeth whitening experience and you’ll enjoy longer-lasting effects. For more prepping tips, consult an Augusta GA dentist today.