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Happy smileYour smile plays a major role in your appearance, as well as your self-esteem. If dull, discolored teeth are preventing you from looking great and feeling good about yourself, do something about it. Residents of Augusta GA rely on cosmetic dentistry services from Goldberg Dental Group for naturally beautiful smiles. Take-home teeth whitening from Dr. Steven Goldberg and Dr. Adam Goldberg removes dental stains to deliver dazzling results.

Why is my smile discolored?

Every day, teeth come into contact with foods and beverages that containing highly-pigmented molecules called chromogens. These molecules leave behind stains that, over time, make teeth take on a dull, yellow- or orange-tinged appearance. The worst offenders are what you might think – coffee, red wine, tomato-based products, dark sodas, tea, berries, and so on. Acidic substances, even if they’re not darkly colored, can also contribute to dental staining by wearing away tooth enamel, which is the strong outer coating of a tooth. Tobacco use and some medications stain teeth, too.

What can I do?

First, make an appointment at our Augusta GA cosmetic dentist’s office. Dr. Goldberg will examine your teeth to determine the extent of your staining. Then, we’ll create a custom teeth whitening kit for you. Your kit will contain bleaching trays created specifically for your smile. We’ll start with a dental mold of your teeth to create your trays. This results in a custom, comfortable fit. Your kit will also contain professional-strength teeth whitening solution. We’ll tell you when and how to use your teeth whitening products to experience dramatic results in as few as ten days to two weeks.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, we use safe, effective teeth whitening products that deliver proven results. The active ingredient in the bleaching solution is gentle on teeth. It lifts stains without impacting natural tooth structure. Because the custom trays are created from a model of your smile, they fit securely to prevent leakage and keep the whitening solution in maximum contact with your teeth to do its job of whitening and brightening your smile.

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