Dr. Adam and Dr. Steven Commit to Continuing Education

37th Annual Marvin C. Goldstein Lecture Series

Drs. Adam and Steven Goldberg

The members of our dental team are highly educated and talented when it comes to helping you to care for your teeth, but it’s not just our college degrees and professional licenses that make us so brilliant. It’s the fact that we continually make the effort to learn more about dentistry and oral health. Because of the constantly evolving dental industry and the exciting advancements in technology, it’s in our best interest as professionals and in your best interest as patients that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the dental field.

We are positioning ourselves for future growth and success, and we’re having fun at the same time!

For example, Dr. Adam and Dr. Steven were able to attend the 37th Annual Marvin C. Goldstein Lecture Series presentation about the latest and most promising dental materials and restorative solutions. Made possible by the College of Dental Medicine at Georgia Regents University, the lecture provided unbiased information and scientific evidence regarding the selection, placement, and management of the newest restorative materials.

This information was compiled and presented by guest lecturer, John Burgess, DDS, MS, a fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials and the American College of Dentists. Dr. Burgess has published more than 400 articles, abstracts and book chapters, and is a member of the Editorial Board for Inside Dentistry. His wealth of knowledge, unbiased by company sales representatives or manufacturers emphasizes independent clinical testing to aid dentists in selecting the products and materials that are used to provide high quality dental care.

What does it all mean? It means that, when you entrust our team to restore your teeth with tooth-colored fillings or porcelain restorations, you hope that everything will look beautiful, remain in place, and last for a long time. Those are our goals as well! That’s why Dr. Adam and Dr. Steven took the time to learn about newer adhesives and composites, ceramic systems, cementation/bonding materials, and newer generations of ceramic materials.

It’s all about achieving maximum clinical effectiveness for your oral health!