When to Choose a Dental Bridge Over an Implant

Most dentists in Augusta would be happy to recommend dental implants for you when you are in need of replacement teeth. In the dental and medical communities, dental implants are viewed as the Gold Standard – the very best alternative – when it comes to replacing the natural teeth. However, there are times when the dental implant isn’t actually the best choice. In some circumstances, a fixed dental bridge is still a great alternative to the implant.

Here are a few examples of the times when you might be advised to choose a bridge over a dental implant:

  • When you need it fast. The dental implant process can take approximately 3-6 months to complete. This is necessary for proper healing and there is little that can be done to rush the process. A dental bridge can often be completed in 3 weeks or less, even if you need to have a tooth extracted at the same time.
  • When your budget is tight. A single implant can cost several thousand dollars—and it’s worth every cent to have a permanent tooth that performs just like a real tooth for the rest of your life. However, if finances are a concern, you can typically get a dental bridge for under $1000 using your dental insurance benefits.
  • When there is a defect in the bone. If there is a void or a defect in the jawbone, the success rate for an implant is decreased. The area can typically be augmented with an additional surgical procedure like a bone graft, but if this is not possible, then a bridge may be recommended.
  • When the teeth have shifted. If a tooth has been missing for so long that the neighboring teeth have drifted or tilted into the open space, there may not be enough space for an implant without the help of braces. A bridge can be used to reshape the tilted teeth while also replacing the missing tooth.

Augusta dentists are here to help you in choosing the best tooth replacement for your unique needs, whether you need an implant or a fixed bridge. Call to schedule a consultation today.