Can You Keep a Secret?

InvisalignSm.Do you have trouble keeping a secret? Lots of us do. But here’s one secret that easy to keep: unobtrusive orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. The doctors at Goldberg Dental Group offer this thoroughly modern and absolutely effective treatment for adults who want healthier, more attractive smiles.

Invisalign uses no metal bands or wires to straighten teeth and align bites. Instead, transparent acrylic aligners do all the work. Because the aligners are clear, others notice your increasingly attractive smile, not your braces. So while Invisalign makes it easy to keep secret the fact that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, the results are something you’ll definitely want to share with the world!

Benefits of an Invisalign Smile

When teeth are aligned properly, they look better, feel better, and function better. It’s easier to clean straight – rather than crowded – teeth, which can decrease your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Optimal alignment (when top and bottom rows of teeth fit together correctly) helps prevent undue wear on teeth and jaw joint problems.

Gentle, Effective Treatment

Orthodontic treatment works by applying pressure to move teeth into their ideal arrangement. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to do this. Invisalign eliminates the metal and utilizes advanced technology to create custom aligners to reposition teeth. Custom aligners created just for you apply gentle pressure to get teeth moving in the right direction.

So Many Benefits

Dr. Adam Goldberg and Dr. Steven Goldberg offer Invisalign for their Augusta GA patients who want to improve the look and feel of their smile without wearing traditional braces. Invisalign delivers an unobtrusive appearance and freedom not found with traditional orthodontics. You can remove your aligners to eat, so you won’t have to worry about staying away from foods you love. Cleaning your teeth is easy, too. Just brush and floss as you normally would, then put your aligners back in to continue straightening.

Your Beautiful Smile Awaits!

Call Goldberg Dental Group today to make an appointment with Dr. Adam Goldberg or Dr. Steven Goldberg and discover the secret to a great smile with Invisalign clear braces!