Are Dental Problems Driving you Towards Dentures?

Tooth ReplacementA lifetime of dental troubles can drive you to the brink of frustration. Cavities, failed root canals, broken teeth, and sensitivity are enough to make anyone want to give up on the idea of a great smile. Constant problems with your teeth can be painful as well as expensive, not to mention frustrating. If your frustration is causing you to start considering Augusta dentists who can pull your teeth and make a set of dentures, take a moment to think it through.

While pulling all of your teeth and getting dentures may seem like a way to escape future dental problems, the truth is that your choice could actually contribute to more problems than you might think.

Your teeth do more than just help you to chew and grin. The teeth play an important role in your ability to form words. Did you know that part of the denture-making process consists of relearning how to pronounce certain words? There are other technical concerns with dentures such as slipping, clicking, and rubbing. Fortunately, most dentists are now turning to the use of dental implants to improve the fit and stability of false teeth.

Along with the loss of your teeth, the health of the jawbone can also suffer in your transition to dentures. Whenever you begin to pull the natural teeth, the shape and density of the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate dramatically. This widespread bone loss tends to make both male and female patients look much older and less healthy.

High-quality dentures with dental implants have come a long way in recent years to mimic the look and feel of real teeth, but before you result to such a drastic and irreversible measure, consider your alternatives. Is it possible to overcome your dental issues while saving most or all of your natural teeth?

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