8 Common Symptoms of Dental Dry Mouth

8 Common Symptoms of Dental Dry MouthThe dental condition known as xerostomia affects an untold number of adults across the country. Dentists in Augusta and in other cities are knowledgeable about the various causes and treatments of dry mouth. However, many cases of dry mouth still go undiagnosed and untreated.

More than 400 common medications are known to contribute to oral dryness, and the problem can lead to an increase in tooth decay, self-consciousness, and poor sleep patterns.

Get familiar with these 8 common symptoms of dry mouth and contact your dentist for the proper treatment:

  1. Cracks that occur in the corners of the mouth
  2. Soreness or tenderness in the mouth
  3. Pebbled or red, beefy-looking tongue
  4. Trouble tolerating spicy or dry foods
  5. Difficulty tasting or enjoying common foods
  6. Waking up during the night due to dryness or thirst
  7. Trouble speaking, lips and tongue sticking while forming words
  8. Bad breath

Once your dry mouth issue has been diagnosed, your dentist will work with you to determine the cause of the problem as well as the appropriate treatment alternative. Some treatment options, such as lubricants, rinses, and gels, are helpful in restoring the lost moisture. Other products, like fluoride toothpaste, tablets, and sugar-free breath fresheners can help to combat the complications that are typically associated with dry mouth.

Dry mouth can occur in various degrees, from mild to severe, but the consequences are very similar. Among the related problems, tooth decay occurs most frequently and causes the most destruction. Identifying dry mouth early—even mild dryness—gives you the best opportunity to manage the issue and take steps to prevent harmful tooth decay.

Dry mouth sufferers should beware of sweet or acidic foods and drinks because the teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay without the proper amount of acid-buffering saliva. Instead, lots of water, sugarless gum, and excellent oral hygiene should become part of your daily lifestyle. Finally, contact an Augusta dentist for advice, treatment, and support today.