4 Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta

choosing the right dentistThe start of the New Year tends to come with lots of changes and new beginnings. Many of us find ourselves searching for new doctors and dentists during this time. This could be due to a change in your medical or dental insurance, your recent relocation, or your personal resolution to take better care of your health. Whatever the reason, making the decision to find a new healthcare provider is much easier said than done.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a personal recommendation from a family member or friend, you’ll have to do a little investigative work to find the right cosmetic dentist in Augusta. Even if you’re not necessarily interested in cosmetic dentistry at this moment, you would be wise to located a general or family dentist who also has an interest in great esthetics. Whether you’re having your teeth cleaned or a crown replaced, you’ll want to be under the care of a dental team that will leave you with a great-looking smile.

So, what are the characteristics of the right cosmetic dentist? Everyone hopes to find a dentist who cares about people. Unfortunately, you can’t gather much information about a dentist’s gentle side from looking at a picture on the internet. Instead, you can search the dentist’s website for clues that the dental care is truly offered in a caring and compassionate manner. Look for the following hints:
Detailed, comprehensive exams. A new patient examination should take about one hour, including X-rays, oral cancer screening, bite/TMJ assessment, and soft/hard tissue inspections.
• Digital intraoral camera imaging. Viewing images of your teeth and gums on a computer screen enables you to understand dental conditions such as tooth fractures, gum recession and tooth cavities.
• Same-day emergency appointments. If you experience an unexpected dental emergency, same-day dental care is essential.
CareCredit. A health care financing option that offers interest-free financing to qualified applicants provides you with the flexibility to afford the cost of the best possible dental care.

Finding the right dental home in the Augusta area can take some time. Use these tips to get started and then call to schedule your appointment today.